Marina Morgan at SJSU

The first time I thought about the ways in which the Web Programming and Information Architecture pathway had an impact on my career was when I was interviewed by Jennifer Robertson, the PR Writer for the iSchool's Community Profiles. It is then when I realized that web programming blends well with my attention to detail and technical background in cataloging and metadata.

After each course I took, I tried to put in practice the skills I learned beyond the classroom. For example, after finishing the Web Design course I felt confident enough in the skills that I learned and created an Events page on my library's website and co-shared the responsibility of updating the library website. Moreover, the Web Design course together with Bootstrap gave me the confidence in my abilities to create this website from scratch. After the Library User Experience course, I proposed a web application that I am currently developing. It is called Find@Roux and when finalized, it will improve the library experience of my campus community. Hopefully in the creation of this web application I will also incorporate web programming with PHP and database programming with MySQL.

This program also inspired me to teach a class about cybersecurity. During the 2018 Fall and 2019 Spring semesters I taught two classes that were well received - Pro Tips: Personal Cyber Security and Pro Tips: Internet Self Defense. These two sessions were part of an interactive poster session presented at the ACRL 2019 Conference.

This was a long yet fulfilling journey that allowed me to grow professionally. Now more than ever I am confident and prepared to pursue any project that involves web programming.