Post Master's Certificate Learning Outcomes Project

Web Programming and Information Architecture Pathway


As an avid lifelong learner, I like to keep myself informed and acquire new skills. In 2017, eight years after graduating with a Master of Information Studies from the University of Toronto School of Information, I was thinking of my next educational experience—one that would help open up doors for my personal and professional development. I discovered the San José State University School of Information Post-Master's Certificate in Library and Information Science program at the Ontario Libraries Association Super Conference in Toronto, Ontario, where I was presenting. At that moment, the Web Programming and Information Architecture, one of the Post-Master's Certificate career pathways, seemed the perfect fit for me. Unsure whether I was capable of pursuing such a pathway, but willing to give it a try, I applied and started the Certificate.

The biggest struggle at the beginning of the program was which courses better suited my career path. To decide on which courses to select, I consulted the course learning outcomes and the core competencies for each course. This helped me narrow down the courses I wanted to take in hopes of achieving my academic goals. In the end, I wanted to take courses that would enrich my personal educational goals—courses that would make an impact on my future. I set myself milestones that at times seemed unachievable, but with a lot of perseverance, planning realistic schedules, and focusing on specific and attainable goals, I was one step closer to finding that my personal aspirations were becoming a reality.


These are the courses I selected to complete the program: